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User-driven Design

Nearly 30% of our staff are PhD and MS Chemical Engineers, and Chemists. These are people that have grown up in the world fo catalyst preparation, characterisation and testing. They speak your language and have a clear understanding of what your catalyst and materials R&D challenges are.

ILS strives to realise a close-collaboration with clients at all phases of the project. Ultimately you know your chemistry better than we probably ever will and that knowledge is key to getting you the best possible unit.

Regular project-update meetings and gate-stage reviews and approvals for key project milestones insure that our clients input is captured and executed upon and that neither ILS nor our clients has any unanticipated surprises in the end.

The image on the right shows ILS company Founder Anton Nagy and CISTAR founder Prof. Fabio Ribeiro of the University of Purdue Attending the 2019 Gordon Conference on Catalysis.

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