Risk Reduction

Radical changes in the chemicals and refining world, including shale-gas development and environmental legislation in the automotive industry, force researchers to address an ever-increasingly diverse pool of chemistries in shorter time than ever. Minimizing risk in R&D investments is, therefore, more important than ever.

ILS addresses this in a number of key areas.

Box Image Feasibility Studies xxxx

Feasibility Studies

ILS constructs a component, or an entire unit, that includes the most technically risky components. This is done quickly, safely and at as low cost as possible often using second hand components in order to provide a proof-of-principle to either succeed or fail as early and as quickly as possible in a project. This approach has enormous leverage in terms of de-risking investment in risky technology.

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Chemical Commissioning

Similar to feasibility studies, we test the unit with your real chemistry and all analytics before delivery. This is done at the end of the project lifetime at ILS. This is early enough to allow ILS and its clients to take advantage of the rapid-response, diverse-competencies and flexibility of being able to debug and calibrate the unit prior to delivery. The client gets a truly turn-key solution in the end.

Box Image Implementation of client design standards xxxx

Implementation of client design standards

Many ILS clients have on-site standards for how they design and build units. This is particularly important for process-control and data acquisition components, which are often sold as “black box” solutions by our competitors. By using as many of our clients on-site standards as possible when designing our units, ILS actively chooses to give it’s clients as much autonomy as possible. Our clients own in-house programmers for example, can therefore easily modify ILS units or make additions to them in the future fully independent of ILS. Our clients therefore have flexible solutions and 100% autonomy in operating and maintaining them.

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