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Refining and energy are critical industries which provide power and mobility to the world, and employment to hundreds of thousands of people.

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Refining & Energy
Industry Challenges

The supply swings of emerging and traditional energy sources have a drastic impact on the profitability of energy producers. This unpredictability makes decision-making and planning hazardous activities. Tightening environmental restrictions force the discovery of innovations in processes, and this can test the cost-effectiveness of traditional materials. The narrow profit margins mean that the downtime required to maintain or improve equipment is at a premium. The conversion of renewable energy into gas offers an environmentally friendly, yet non-traditional, manufacturing process which requires research.


How We Can Help

ILS helps energy companies to discover how to meet ambitious environmental requirements in a cost-effective way. Our parallel reactors reduce the time required to determine the catalyst and process conditions which will meet the changing market needs, and our user-friendly software avoids this becoming a headache for laboratory researchers. Running catalyst robustness studies in ILS systems determines how to reduce the downtime for catalyst changeovers. The ILS contract research service helps energy producers with urgent needs access our state of the art research tools.

Case Studies

ILS has a proven track record of successfully delivering units to Refining and Energy clients in both traditional and non-traditional biofuels applications.

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Sasol is a world-leader in Fischer-Tropsch technology: a process in which synthesis gas consisting of CO and H2 derived usually from natural gas or coal is converted to higher molecular weight paraffins. They contacted ILS to obtain a 4-parallel fixed-bed reactor system capable of comparing very similarly-performing catalysts with high data quality. One of the major hurdles to overcome was the ability to operate the unit under truly isothermal conditions using a unique heating/cooling design.

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Total wanted a reactor system to carry out research on catalysis that would meet robust safety standards and participate in their thorough HAZOPs studies. It needed to be able to work in a fully automated way at a high throughput and synthesise a variety of polymers. The unit had to operate with moisture and air sensitive catalysts and has the unique ability to reduce the inertisation and cleaning time to essentially zero.

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