Technical Innovation

ILS management has chosen to keep the companies focus on innovation. This is absolutely critical in today’s rapidly changing economic and geopolitical climate. Our unique mix of PhD catalyst and materials R&D experts, mechanical, automation and electrical engineers provides us with all of the necessary skill sets to design, construct and commission the most advanced R&D units on the market.

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Proven Track Record

Take advantage of our wealth of experience from having designed, built and commissioned 200+ units over the last 14 years. Let our technical staff make sound technical suggestions to best meet your chemical R&D testing needs. Whether it is the choice of the optimal analytics, the fastest process-control system or the most robust liquid pumping system, ILS can quickly provide you with the optimal R&D solution to give you a competitive edge.

Our Culture

At ILS we are passionate about R&D. Our people are driven by curiosity and a genuine desire to continually improve our solutions and services. Risk-taking is a fundamental part of true innovation required to deliver novel systems to best meet your R&D requirements. At ILS we are not afraid to take these risks and own the problem solving required to insure that you get a fully-functioning, turn-key solution. In the end it’s not just about making money, but delivering products that we truly believe in.

Academic Collaborators

Box Icon FAU University-Nürnberg

FAU University-Nürnberg

ILS obtained a licensing agreement to market a unique internal recycle kinetic testing reactor particularly well suited to address the current interest in gas-phase alkane and CO2 functionalization.

Box Icon TU-Clausthal


ILS oldest client, TU-Clausthal continues to innovate with us and is currently performing a project combining CFD simulation with dynamic methanisation of CO2 to optimize our Temkin and internal-recycle reactor hydrodynamics.

Box Icon C2P2 University of Lyon

C2P2 University of Lyon

ILS collaborates closely with the group of Prof. Tim McKenna to develop a unique stop-flow polyolefins testing unit capable of performing kinetic testing in the earliest stages of polymer particle nucleation and growth.

Commercial Collaborators

Box Image Swagelok


The responsiveness of Swagelok associates and the reliability of its products and custom solutions are significant contributors to our work. As much as 40% of the components in a typical ILS unit are Swagelok products and are considered a must-have specified by many of our clients due to the well-known reliability of the Swagelok brand.

In this video you can hear more about why Swagelok help ILS to deliver high performing and robust units, and why the collaboration is so important to both parties. Swagelok considers ILS an important company to partner with in their own plans for the future.


Box Icon Pressure Control Solutions

Pressure Control Solutions

PCS was born, in part, out of the fruitful collaboration between ILS and Equilibar. ILS works closely with PCS to help develop novel pressure and flow-control solutions for particularly challenging application areas requiring extremes in temperature, pressure, flow and materials.

Box Icon Equilibar


What once started from a Google image search has grown into a 5-year valued collaboration. The unique 2-phase backpressure control capability of the Equilibar controllers combined with the massive turndown ratio has completely transformed how ILS designs its testing units.

Box Icon IAG


Highly quantitative, time-resolved gas-phase analytics are a key component in ILS synthetic gas test benches (SCAT) used for deNOx emmissions control development. IAG provides the flexibility and user-friendliness required by our automotive testing clients.

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