Seamless integration of hardware with software combined with our chemical and engineering knowledge allows ILS to provide a complete solution to our clients.


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The early validation of the critical elements of the system reduces clients' time and risk

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Units can be thoroughly tested in house prior to shipment and reassembled

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Intuitive software developed by researchers for researchers

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Integration of analytical methods for quantitative and reliable product analysis

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FULLY integrated workflow
Feasibility & testing

Feasibility and chemical testing significantly reduces the start-up time and costs incurred by the client, who would otherwise commission the unit themselves without the confidence of seeing a demonstration of the most challenging technical capabilities. Feasibility studies can be performed before constructing the full-scale unit. We design and construct prototype test set-ups in minimum time to rapidly obtain critical information. Performance of a feasibility study before making a full-sized unit significantly reduced the risk associated with a project for our client and save making a potentially poor financial investment. Any changes are made early and avoid the expense and time penalty which would happen later in the project. Chemical testing demonstrates the full performance of the unit and delivers more confidence to clients than tests using just water and nitrogen.

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FULLY integrated workflow
Software Solutions

Robust automation makes the safe, unattended 24/7 operation of R&D units possible. Intelligent integration of robotics and/or analytical techniques ensures that high-quality data can be more quickly attained with a high-degree of precision and better reliability. This gives the researcher the luxury of focusing on data analysis and the generation of insightful process information rather than having to attend to the day-to-day operational work steps needed with manual or partially-automated units.

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FULLY integrated workflow

The integration of the appropriate analytical devices provides high quality data which allows ILS clients to rapidly see the optimum catalyst or process conditions discovered by the research program. By automatically combining the analytical data with experimental input it avoids the time lost and errors in manual copy and paste activities.

Typical analytical devices include:

  • GC and HPLC
  • Raman, infrared and near-infrared
  • UV-VIS
  • Mass spectrometers
  • Paramagnetic oxygen detection
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