Automotive & Environmental

The automotive industry enables people around the world to travel in a comfortable, safe and convenient manner. Road transportation of goods remains an important way for customers to receive what they need.


Automotive and Environmental
Industry Challenges

Environmental aims form strong drivers for the automotive industry. This manifests in pressure to reduce NOx, SOx, and CO2 emissions while continuing to give consumers the vehicle performance they have grown to expect. The trend to smaller and more fuel efficient cars creates a challenge to an industry which has traditionally made more profit on larger vehicles. Customers expect an increasing level of computerised features which involve complex real-time data generation and engine adjustments. The long term viability of diesel-powered vehicles is a matter of public debate.


Automotive and Environmental
How We Can Help

ILS helps energy companies to discover how to meet ambitious environmental requirements in a cost effective way. Our parallel reactors reduce the time required to determine the catalyst and process conditions which will meet the changing market needs, and our user friendly software avoids this becoming a headache for laboratory researchers. Running catalyst robustness studies in ILS systems determines how to reduce the downtime for catalyst changeovers. The ILS contract research service helps energy producers with urgent needs access our state of the art research tools.

Case Studies

ILS provides advanced reactors and flexible services to allow companies to respond to environmental drivers.

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Scania wanted to perform catalyst evaluations more rapidly and with a good data quality. It was important to be able to test them under a variety of conditions in a systematic manner to make a proper decision.

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Deutz approached ILS to see if it was possible to test different catalysts in a controlled and reproducible way. They wanted a company who could provide support and good 2-way communication.

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