Rapid Delivery

ILS invests a great deal of effort in minimizing delivery times of units. This is an area we continually struggle to improve upon requiring a constant re-evaluation of when to yet-again innovate and try a new technical approach or rely on an already-proven concept. Incorporation of clients site-specific standards adds an additional degree of complexity, which often makes rapid delivery complicated.

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Client Collaboration

Our core business is chemical R&D unit development and as a result of this we can invest all of our resources into this endeavour. A direct result of this is that we can almost always realise faster unit designs and builds than the in-house engineering groups of our clients. Through a close collaboration with our clients we work to find the optimum of all these points.

Our experienced Project Managers closely monitor and guide our and your project leaders throughout the course of the project. This helps to smooth bumps that occur along the way and make sure that all key people are informed at all times on project progress.

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Staged Reviews

ILS implements multiple, staged error-avoidance tactics like CAD drawing design reviews, electrical reviews, feasibility tests and chemical commissioning. This staged approach towards error minimisation and risk-reduction is key to reducing delivery times as later debugging or unit modifications are always very time- and cost-intensive. Our engineers have already learned from a million mistakes.

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