The Petrochemical industry plays an important role in turning crude and naturally occurring hydrocarbons into the vital chemical building blocks which are used to form materials in the broader chemical industry.


Industry Challenges

The swings in the demand of supply of feedstock availability and pricing add uncertainty to the Petrochemical industry, and make planning and capital investment decisions more difficult. The reliance on a single feedstock type could be the lowest cost and simplest to manufacture, but lead to lost opportunities as other hydrocarbon sources emerge on the market. In particular, the increase in natural gas availability in the last decade has offered a surprising and non-traditional feedstock to producers. Petrochemicals, as with all chemical industries, faces demands for more environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes. In a competitive industry with ambitious companies operating around the world there is a strong need to continually make processes more cost effective.


How We Can Help

ILS reactor systems allow product and process improvements to help clients to meet the most demanding environmental legislation. Our contract research capabilities offer a rapid study for process improvements, and a purchased reactor system will allow clients to discover improved reaction conditions or catalyst performance for the desired product. Our combination of user-friendly software, precisely designed hardware, and engineering and problem solving skills offer a robust whole solution to our clients.

Case Studies

ILS helps Petrochemical companies vary their feedstocks, find better catalysts, and improve their processes.

Box Icon Sasol


Sasol were looking for a parallel reactor system to enhance their catalyst research. It needed to be reliable, easy to use and produce data in a reproducible manner. It was important that it handled difficult materials and integrate with the existing processes.

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Haldor Topsoe

Topsoe wanted to run experiments using a mixture of gases which were dosed very precisely. They needed a reliable system which incorporated online analytics and produced good quality data.

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