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Completion of a build is really only the beginning of the relationship to our clients. The mutual execution of the factory acceptance (FAT) and site-acceptance tests (SAT) is a key part of insuring that our clients completely know the workings of our units.

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ILS provides extensive training on the units both before and after delivery. This training is particularly comprehensive during chemical validation testing of units on the ILS site prior to delivery. Here our clients have the unique opportunity to perform experiments using real chemistry in our labs prior to delivery. This is the optimal way to provide our clients with in-depth understanding of the process-control and data acquisition/manipulation system.

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After-Sales Support

The fact that ILS prefers to implement as many client in-house standards as possible enables our clients to quickly respond to any issues themselves.  On-line support is the first and fastest line of support that ILS offers. All of our units are automated and equipped with remote-access capabilities. This makes it possible for our engineers to often initially respond within minutes or hours of a problem occurring. Should manual intervention be deemed necessary, ILS staff can be on your site within a matter of days (depending on geography) to assist with de-bugging units. Pro-active maintenance contracts can also be provided by ILS. In such cases, our staff come at regular, pre-defined intervals to inspect, maintain and calibrate units we have provided to you.

Our Commitment

At ILS, if we make a mistake we own it and we deal with it. Our core belief is that a happy client is a repeat client. The world of catalyst R&D is a small one and our company philosophy is that if we make a mistake in a unit design, we are responsible for it. We have clearly seen this approach pay-out over the years resulting in repeat business from our valued pool of clients who have repeatedly voiced their appreciation for this long-term vision.

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