Polymers are ever-present for billions of people in countries that span the globe. They underpin many industries including construction, electronics, packaging and transportation. Most children born today would struggle to imagine a world without plastics.


Industry Challenges

There is a continual drive for new or improved properties in polymers. These range from electronic, optical and magnetic capabilities to biodegradabilty and their mechanical traits. The level of plastics recycled and the environmental implications of their presence in landfills and oceans create a pressure on producers to find new solutions. The availability and cost of key monomers can vary strongly, and for many polymers even a few lost days of manufacturing in a year can threaten the economic viability of the product. The surge in natural gas availability has offered new monomer options, which require new investment and research, but could help to support the strong demand for polymers.


How We Can Help

ILS research tools allow chemists and engineers to find improved processes for existing polymers, or robust and well understood processes for new products. Our reactors allow our clients to combine monomers at a broad range of temperatures, pressures and other reaction conditions in a safe and controllable manner. We offer seamlessly integrated online data or convenient offline analyses to enable clients to monitor and control their systems to a high precision.

Case Studies

ILS has enabled polymer producers to improve their processes and discover better catalysts.

Box Icon Total


Total wanted a safe, reliable and accurate reactor system to evaluate catalysts more rapidly. The unit had to be cost effective and easy for the operator to use. It was important to avoid creating more work for the researchers in the lab,

Box Icon Evonik


Evonik wanted a reactor system to use unusual mixtures of different reagents in a precise manner. The system needed to be able to run safely and avoid catalyst contamination. They wanted a company with the right combination of engineering and problem solving skills.

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Lyon University

Lyon University wanted a reliable unit to help to discover improved catalysts more rapidly. The reaction conditions were challenging, and they needed a company who would collaborate closely with them to make sure that their needs were met.

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