Pharma & Speciality Chemicals

The pharmaceutical industry allows people to prolong their lives and cure, or mitigate, conditions which for previous generations would have had severe consequences. Speciality chemicals uses the high quality ingredients from Fine Chemical producers to create functionalised molecules with properties which consumers value.

Accelerate Your Hydrogenation and Carbonylation R&D by 24- to 384-fold

Pharma & Speciality Chemicals
Compact high-pressure platform for various screening experiments in the pharmaceutical industry

Our new high-pressure platform enables the broad screening of diverse experiments in pharmaceutical research in the shortest time and at high throughput. This is realized by the compact and modular design as well as the integration of 4 commercially available microtiter plates. The platform covers a wide range of pharmaceutical R&D from hydrogenation, carbonylation, screening of catalysts and solvents as well as slurry phase synthesis to high throughput experiments.

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Pharma & Speciality Chemicals
Industry Challenges

Generic drugs threaten the profitability of Pharma blockbusters which require years and millions of dollars to develop and commercialise. The technological growth in devices and personal data availability offers opportunities for patients and medical practitioners, but could threaten traditional treatment methods. Speciality Chemical producers have to obtain feedstocks which are in demand across different industries, and meet changing consumer needs. Agrochemicals aim to support the need for resilient and high yield crop production, while flavours and fragrances are sold into an increasingly diverse marketplace.


Pharma & Speciality Chemicals
How We Can Help

All of these industry challenges increase the value of innovative products delivered rapidly and reliably. ILS reactor systems can shorten the time it takes to discover the optimal catalyst and reaction conditions, improve the reliability or safety or a new process, and scale up reactions successfully. Our parallel reactors combined with online data allow the research chemist or engineer to monitor and control the reaction to meet strict targets. We use our engineering skills to adapt our proven technologies to your specific needs.

Case Studies

ILS has helped Pharma and Speciality Chemical companies accelerate research projects through advanced hardware.

Box Icon Syngenta


Syngenta wanted to increase the reaction throughput by, generate high quality data and avoid cross contamination between reactors. The reactor system ILS developed allowed them to quadruple their throughput with a unit which is straight forward to operate.

Box Icon Bayer


Bayer approached ILS to request a cost effective unit for hydrogenation studies. It needed to be able to operate around the clock and produce good quality data.

Box Icon DSM


DSM were interested in a parallel reactor system that was simple to use and could reach high temperatures. They needed to run research projects rapidly and wanted a collaborative company with good engineering abilities.