Total Testimonial for Monomer Production

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Client Perspective

We wanted a reactor system to carry out research on catalysis for our Refining and Monomer Production business. It was important that the company we worked with had a high level of technical expertise, and we were looking for thorough documentation and certifications. We wanted a company which would meet robust safety standards and would, amongst others, participate in our thorough HAZOPs studies.

The innovative design and technical solutions impressed us. The units started up quickly with no delays or fine tuning required, and their design impresses customers when they visit the lab. ILS customised the programming to meet our specific needs so it’s easy to learn and use. They created an excellent technical solution and the mechanical quality is at a very high standard.

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ILS Solution

Fully automated 24-parallel high throughput batch polyoloefin synthesis unit capable of creating PE, PP, and poly-alphaolefin materials. The unique design of this 24-parallel high-throughput system insures that the reaction media are contained completely within a HPLC-type, septum-sealed glass vial, which is magnetically stirred via a teflon-coated magnetic stirrer. This ensures there is no pressure gradient over the glass wall of this vessel meaning that reactions up to high pressure can be tested. In this case the maximum pressure was 100 Barg. There is zero cleaning required after reaction as the polymer fluff and solvent are completely contained within the glass vial.