How to ramp up your multimodal polyolefins research

With Anton Nagy, Karl Kawretzke and Alasdair Graham

This webinar shows how multistage polyolefin experimental throughput can be increased by 600% compared with traditional methods using a novel system developed to conduct ground-breaking research for a global polymer research centre. It describes how ILS developed a platform which has the following capabilities:

  • Advanced polymer synthesis. Multimodal slurry and gas-phase processes are accurately mimicked by fast transitioning with fully-independent control of all parameters including gas-headspace composition.
  • Manual handling reduced. Seamless integration of a slurries-handling robot in a fully-inert glove-box prevents catalyst poisoning and reduces manual effort and error.
  • Parallel synthesis. Modular reactor design allows easy numbering up of parallel experiments from 1 to many reactors with volumes up to 3L to accelerate your experimental throughput.
  • Bridges the gap to scale-up. Synthesise up to 100g of the desired product to make full materials characterisation possible.
  • Data quality improved. Reactor volumes of 500ml or greater provide higher-quality data and support kinetic modelling and reaction calorimetry

Over 90% of attendees surveyed agreed or strongly agreed the the webinar was relevant, engaging and useful! They felt that the webinar gave:

“Honesty, clarity, and usefulness”, “rich details and examples” and “A very good summary with details on hardware, software and results”


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