High Throughput Polyolefins Unit

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Client Perspective

We wanted to study catalysts using high throughput experimentation to make discoveries more quickly. We also needed to meet tough reaction conditions in polyamide synthesis. The systems had to be simple and reliable, and we wanted a company who we could trust to overcome the technical challenges.

Only ILS could meet the difficult reaction conditions we wanted to use. Working with them has been a true partnership, and we developed ideas together. You should talk to ILS if you have a problem so solve. I recommend working with them because you can trust them to give you a good solution.

Christophe Boisson, University of Lyon

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ILS Solution

The group of Prof. Christoph Boisson at the University of Lyon required a high-throughput polyolefins screening reactor for rapidly testing large libraries of novel poplyolefins catalysts. The unit had to fit within a university budget, be robust and provide highly reproducible results even when testing air- and moisture-sensitive catalysts at a small, 40ml scale. ILS designed a completely unique 20-parallel system in close collaboration with Christoph’s group to meet these needs. This 2nd generation unit based on 1st generation technology originally developed for performing assymetric hydrogenations has since been implemented at multiple universities and companies for similar applications.