Parallel Process Optimization Polyolefins Reactor

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Client Perspective

We needed to conduct reactions in parallel using liquefied gases. We wanted to use unusual mixtures of different reagents and precise dosing was very important. The system had to be able to handle inflammable materials and operate with very low levels of water and oxygen. Safety was critical, and we were looking for a flexible company which could create the right system for our needs.

The unit has allowed us to qualify new raw materials far more quickly which helped our overall business. We’ve been able to find the right conditions for synthesising special polyolefins. I would definitely recommend ILS. Approach them with a problem and they will find and build the right solution for you.

Benjamin Viel, Evonik

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ILS Solution

The unit fits into an extremely small laboratory space. An inert glovebox is seamlessly incorporated with the 4 batch reactors to insure that the air and moisture sensitive catalysts and co-catalysts were never oxidized. ILS made highly-customized reactors, requiring minimum space with special stirrers and an automated pneumatic-lift system to make the unit as compact and yet ergonomically attractive as possible. Having the reactors outside of the glovebox as opposed to inside makes cleaning and maintenance much easier.

Low flows of liquid-gas monomers could be quantitatively dosed using novel mini-coriolis mass-flow technology. Fully-automated, high-pressure catalyst and co-catalyst injection maximizes reproducibility.