Parallel Reactor System for DSM

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Client Perspective

We wanted to replace an old single reactor system with parallel reactors capable of reaching higher temperatures and utilising faster temperature ramp rates. It was important to have an independent unit which was simple to operate. We wanted to work with a company with good engineering capabilities.

We now have more screening power which helps us to run projects more quickly. We use this enhanced capability as a selling point to our customers and I’m very happy with what ILS have provided. We worked together like partners and they gave us exactly what we needed.

Laurent Lefort, DSM Research Scientist

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ILS Solution

For this application, ILS adapted its well-established parallel batch screening tool with a more convenient electrical heating and water cooling system. This was more compact than previous thermostat controlled units. The local space constraints in the lab meant that the unit had to be custom designed to be easily operated from just the front of a fume-cupboard. Pneumatic raising of the reactor lids greatly eased operation. Use of glass liners for reaction results in zero cleaning requirement and accurate testing of air and moisture sensitive catalyst systems even with corrosive solvents.