Bayer Hydrogenation Unit Testimonial

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Client Perspective

We were looking for a 20-reactor system for hydrogenation studies. It was important that it was simple to use, at a competitive price, and small footprint. We wanted a company which we could trust to deliver this.

The ILS reactor system has worked very well and been a very reliable unit. It’s a real workhorse! We’ve found it a very cost effective research tool and saved time in our projects, and I’d recommend ILS to anyone considering working with them.

Kai Lovis, Bayer Chemical Development

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ILS Solution

The ability to work with air and moisture sensitive catalysts is commonly required for assymetric hydrogenation reactions performed in the pharma and agrochem R&D areas. ILS developed a unique, low-cost solution, which made possible the testing of such air-sensitive catalysts without exposing the contents to air and deactivating. Additionally, the unique gas-equilibrated glass-vial concept fully contains the reaction mixture meaning that there is literally zero cleaning required between reactions. This eliminates cross-contamination of metals and significantly reduces the time required for performing reactions. The unit was custom designed to fit in an existing fume cupboard on Bayer’s site location and fully complies with their stringent safety standards.