Gas Mixture Research Reactor

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Client Perspective

We wanted a new test unit which allowed us to run with different gas mixtures. It was important to have a precise control of the temperature and pressure, and we needed an integrated GC for online analysis. We were looking for a company who had the right technical knowledge and ideas needed for a new reactor system.

We can do experiments in an area we previously couldn’t access, and the data quality and reliability are both very good. There are very capable people at ILS who have the right skills and will bring a fresh perspective to your problems.

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ILS Solution

This project represented the start of a very fruitful collaboration with Haldor Topsoe. ILS first demonstrated the high data quality that this unit is capable of producing by first performing a feasibility test campaign using catalysts provided by Haldor Topsoe. The feasibility provided an opportunity to make design improvements to the unit to better meet Topsoe’s stringent data quality requirements. The result is a 4-parallel fixed-bed unit capable of operating with widely differing reactor diameters for a highly exothermic reaction. Seamless integration of an online GC makes 24/7 continuous operation possible.