Catalyst Evaluation Rig

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Client Perspective

Before working with ILS Scania could only perform tests in engine test beds. The rig which ILS designed and built for us allows a far more systematic evaluation of catalysts under a variety of conditions. You can test different variables and isolate effects, unlike in a full engine environment, to learn far more from your experiments. In a benchmark study of 3-way catalysts which Scania completed the ILS unit saved at least 30% of normal time and effort.

Björn Westerberg, Catalyst and Filter Performance, Scania

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ILS Solution

This unit represents a further development of multiple previous generations of deNOx catalyst and sensor development units made by ILS. The dynamic temperature, flow and composition control mean that even the most challenging driving cycles can be accurately and reproducibly run. Seamless integration of the online gas analytics means that the user can easily capture, visualize and analyze the data produced. The high data acquisition rate of up to 5Hz makes this an extremely powerful tool in particular for testing rich/lean NOx diesel driving cycles. The latest version of this unit made by ILS can now do heating and cooling rates on the order of 30°C/second, which is as far as we know completely unique for these types of electrically-heated ovens, which operate in the flow regime up to ca. 300Ln/min.