Automated lab reactors
to Ramp up your polymer research

At ILS we provide customised laboratory platforms to our clients. Working with us enables you to:

Our reactor systems are designed by researchers for researchers.

Take your research
To the next level

Our units are designed by researchers for researchers and working with ILS enabales you to:

Our Products For Synthesis of Plastics
High-throughput Tools help research chemists and engineers to quickly map out many different catalysts and reaction conditions.
Our optimisation tools allow researchers to improve the yields, selectivities or reaction conditions of a process.
ILS Scale-up Tools operate in rigorously controlled conditions which closely mimic pilot plant or production scale processes.
Specialized research tools can overcome particularly challenging research problems.
Our Services
Chemical Validation Testing
We deliver a chemically validated system you can use immediately
Online gas and liquid analytics, pre-configured, calibrated and seamlessly-integrated into your R&D workflow
Contract R&D
Purchasing high-quality results instead of a unit sometimes makes more sense
Software solutions
R&D Software tools for 24/7 fully-automated execution of complex multistep experiments
Polymer Research
Challenges Including Plastics to Fuel
Nearly 30% of our staff are PhD and MS Chemical Engineers, and Chemists. These are people that have grown up in the world of preparation, characterisation and testing chemicals. They speak your language and have a clear understanding of what your polymer challenges are.
ILS closely collaborates with clients at all phases of the project. Ultimately you know your chemistry better than we probably ever will and that knowledge is key to getting you the best possible unit. Plastics to diesel is just one area we'd love to explore with you.
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