Technology Solutions

2-Parallel VGO Hydrotreater Pilot UnitFully-Automated HI-Polystyrene Pilot Plant

Pilot-Scale Units

Pilot units are often an integral part of novel process development. They represent the last R&D testing step prior to construction of a demonstration or full-scale production unit. Such units are sometimes designed to only be operated for a short time to demonstrate process feasibility whereas others are operated for long times and multiple projects.

ILS works closely with the client to take these factors into account early in the design phase. This is often essential to ensuring a competitive price and the shortest possible delivery time.

ILS‘ ability to simulate your process using CHEMCAD simulation software insures that all unit operations, materials-balances and heat- loads are properly calculated. 

Safety is a priority at ILS, which is particularly important for large-scale pilot units. Our experienced team of engineers will perform all of the necessary safety analyses according either to our own in-house safety protocols or according to the clients.