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NH3 Synthesis Reactor with O2 Scrubbing Reactor4-Parallel Bitumen Hydrotreater

Lab-Scale Units

There is a clear trend towards miniaturizing, parallelising and automating petroleum, chemical, pharma and materials-testing equipment as much as possible whilst maintaining the quality of data generated, i.e. generate  scale-up data to simulate and predict full-scale process results. ILS has, over the years, mastered this art by combining essential skill sets of a dedicated team of experienced designers from the R&D field with best practice in catalyst testing and process simulation tools. 

Those companies which manage to quickly implement highly automated, miniaturized and parallel testing systems with minimum downtime and that can produce scalable, reproducible results will have a reduced time to market and competitive edge in their respective markets.

ILS continuously works to shorten delivery times. By placing orders on long-lead items as early as possible in parallel with detailed engineering work we can deliver in shorter times than when more classical step-by-step project work is done.

By working closely with our clients, we ensure that the unit we send is optimally designed for your chemistry. Additionally we can implement in-house design standards to ensure that units can be easily expanded and maintained on-site. Everything from the P&ID symbols to the control-system and process-control strategy can be adapted to local site standards.

Opting for live chemical commissioning in ILS’ R&D labs mean that our clients get a true “TURN-KEY” system, which is only delivered after it meets the tight performance specifications our clients set for them.