Technology Solutions

Feasibility and Chemical Testing

Every client prefers to have a unit delivered, which is essentially “Plug and Play” i.e. the unit is delivered, connected to infrastructure and immediately started. Having the unit-provider perform the actual chemistry prior to delivery to the client ensures a quick-start up with minimal downtime and cost for the client.

Making this added investment has a significant positive leveraging effect for our clients by significantly reducing start-up time and minimizing costs incurred by the client, which would otherwise be incurred when having to commission units themselves.

Often, when a new test process or chemistry is developed a feasibility study to establish proof of principle is required in order to lower the risk in making often large investments. 

Feasibility studies can be performed before constructing the full scale unit. We can design and construct prototype test set-ups in minimum time in order to get you the answer you need as soon as possible. Performance of a feasibility study before making a full sized unit significantly reduced the risk associated with a project for our client and save making a potentially poor financial investment.