Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

The unique combination of engineering, chemistry and physical-chemistry skill sets that ILS can offer makes ILS a leading supplier for custom R&D testing units for companies active in the Energy, Petroleum, Chemical , Pharmaceutical and Materials sectors.

ILS designs the most optimal unit and unit-operations for your chemistry, using a combination of simulation and engineering calculations.

Single units to high-throughput parallel batch and parallel-fixed-bed reaction systems are available to cover everything ranging from detailed kinetic studies to primary-screening of novel catalytic materials.

NACE and ATEX compatibility is ensured when necessary. CE and UL-compliant process-control solutions are available as is TüV-certified pressure-vessel compliancy for virtually any harmonized standard.

Units are designed to meet all applicable national and site requirements (CE, ATEX, UL, company specific) as required. Pressure vessels and electrical packages are designed in compliance with national regulations.

By testing your unit in our laboratory R&D facilities in Berlin, we can provide a chemically-verified, turn-key laboratory- or pilot-scale unit. This chemical verification before delivery means that commissioning time onsite at our customers is minimised, saving valuable time and resources.