Industries Served

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Automotive and Environmental

Development of highly efficient exhaust catalysts and optimization of post-combustion offgas treatment is essential for automotive suppliers to meet the ever tightening demands for reducing stationary, automotive and truck emissions. 

Catalyst development, SCR-urea-injection system development and diesel-soot filter optimization can all be performed in ILS deNOx testing systems.

Volatile organic compound (VOC) combustion units can be used to provide organic-free product gas-streams for venting to atmosphere.

ILS has expertise in manufacturing synthesis gas testing units for catalyst and powertrain development with catalyst and particle filter cores and samples. 

Rich/lean switching and temperature ramps in excess of 100°C/min both heating and cooling can be realised. 

CO2 capture and sequestration systems for adsorption kinetic studies or development of geological models are available.

ILS provides systems capable of determining the intrinsic reaction kinetics of both stationary and mobile exhaust treatment systems which provide OEM catalyst suppliers and automotive companies with the kinetic data needed to build robust predictive performance models.

ILS has the unique capability to provide complete, container-based, gas-supply systems for clients interested in turn-key deNOx testing facilities.