Process Optimization

Whereas catalyst R&D testing often requires that a large number of different catalysts be tested under similar operating conditions, process-optimization studies often require exactly the opposite: the testing of a limited number of catalysts under a large number of process conditions based on a well-planned DOE.

The goal of process-optimization tests is usually to identify the ideal operating window of process-optimization parameters that optimizes product yields under the most attractive economic operating conditions.

ILS staff are well-versed in catalyst testing studies for generating intrinsic kinetic data, which often serves as the fundamental building block upon which such process optimization studies are built.

By implementing high-throughput fixed-bed or batch/CSTR testing systems, ILS can help your company identify the most attractive process operating conditions for your process.

Combining a robust process-optimization study with our chemical simulation skills means that we can close the loop and help our clients simulate the steady-state behavior to be expected for their processes based on real, empirical data generated in our laboratories.